Work at Home or From Home and Be Successful.

Why I want to work from home.

why people started working from home and how it change their lives, or will Change! If you're not already working from home, why do you want to? Everyone has their reasons for working from home, what are yours?

Big Family Giant Bills
Because They are desperately Moms that need to do something now!! Get jobs from home Because They have a total of 5 children. Even though the husband has a good paying job but without mom working, it's getting harder to pay the bills. Those moms had to stop working when They found out They were pregnant. And with another salary, They can afford Paying The Piling up bills that doesn't stop coming Because of such a big family, expenses are huge . they will be working to Help the unbelievable burden of Life and all together will be home When the kids Are there after School to be the mom who take care of them and hug them when needed, that is so Important to be there for them mom is not replaceable!

Be Your Own Boss
Another reason You would like to work from home, is first of all... to be Your own boss, worry free of being laid-off, and to alleviate the commute time. You want to be assured that Your bills and children will be taken care of. Overall, just have a stable income and be able to take Your children on vacation. Being unemployed can really take a toll on yourself and your children causing deep stress of not being able to pay your mortgage, pay bills, purchase food, clothing, as well as not having medical insurance. It really frightens us to think of our children becoming ill and have no insurance. So being our own boss and working from home has a huge advantage over working for someone else.

There is More to You
More, because you Think and know there is more to you then going to a job where you get paid what they determine you worth. With this economy it's about pay cuts, not raises. If we fill we want to make a difference and help people let’s say your into losing weight and diet sector, so for example you want to Help People lose weight nutritionally, get the results they want from work outs and overall be healthier. There is nothing like watching someone come out from weighing themselves and they're crying because they have lost weight since last weigh in. You watch their confidence grow. Their energy increase. What a true honor to be part of touching someone's life like that. What greater business then one you can help people with what they need Health, Weight Loss, Performance and let them fill Great about themselves.

You Were denied unemployment.
Maybe your from those who have recently become unemployed and was denied unemployment. You live in a small town and there are no jobs and you Need an income BAD!

Because Your Handicapped Person
There are also those folks that are a handicapped person. handicapped people also have dreams and choice of living. it is almost impossible to find jobs for the people like those, specially for example in countries like India and other countries on that side of the globe. so they off-course will like or want to work at home. They’ll be very happy and thankful if they could find online work to help themselves that way, and fill good that they can manage without other people Charity Kindness and Favors when they have a suitable job.

To Earn Some Extra Income
Maybe you Want to Earn extra income from Home online part time. To have that extra money that counts when it comes to pay a sudden Unexpected bills that Rise up from the curve of surprises in life. Or work from Home with No Politics! you want a legitimate job working from home because let’s say your 56 yrs old and want out of the office politics and back stabbing. Now that you are sure you got the right conclusions after so many years on the jobs and employment market out there, that you need a good environment. Home would be that environment, probably the safest place to be working from!

Work from Home in Improved Environment
There are reasons like that you want to work from home because of the every day hassle of being short staffed and dealing with LAZY co-workers and the Boss playing favoritism. a lot of folks think It's just a bunch of crap in the work force ... it's all about WHO you know instead of WHAT you know. And if your not a yes person and have a very strong work ethics and do not play politics, so the alternatives are to work at home for yourself, you are going to succeed with the Character values you have to offer, especially if you have a Very Strong Work Ethics and do not PLAY.

Best Regards and Good Luck!
Yossi Callomiti

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